Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Little Flock of Sheep!

One of the most lovely things about living on a farm is baby animals.

We have a small flock of sheep which we keep primarily for their meat. Our sheep are Wiltshire Horns, which are great for meat - because they shed their own fleece. This means that we don't need to shear them, and greatly reduces the likelihood of fly strike - which can be a real problem in Australia. They become lovely and woolly in winter, but shed their fleece in bits and pieces as the weather warms up.

They also have gorgeous horns!
2 of our ewes were pregnant when we bought them, and 5 months later we had they joy of welcoming 2 very cute lambs to our little farm. We have since bought a ram - however he is not the father of our lambs.

As we were new to the baby lamb thing - we overreacted when we had the first lamb and thought that the ewe wasn't mothering it properly. We took over and handraised the lamb - who now plays with our dog and the kids in the backyard.

The second lamb stayed with it's mother and has done just as well.

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