Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Broccoli of the Season - What a Beauty!

Okay, I have to admit that my vegetable garden can be a bit "hit and miss" - mainly because of neglect from me, but also because of some kind of animal invasion which can destroy a months work in a couple of minutes! So when I get a "hit" I can get pretty excited. I was thrilled yesterday to find this beautiful broccoli in the garden. It hasn't had a single chemical, powder or spray used on it and it is huge, full and completely bug free. I feel like I should do something special with it - I will look at some recipes today.

I have had the vegetable garden going for about 2 years now. Dan built it for me out of logs from some trees that he had to cut down. It is behind the house, so doesn't always get the best sun - but it seems to do okay.


  1. Hi Sharon ... steamed for a few seconds so it's just tender... or a stirfry.
    I got a chilli and garlic spray for bugs if you need it, check blog.
    regards Rina

  2. Thanks Rina,
    I love broccoli cooked just like that. I am so proud of this one, I thought I might do something special with it!

    I am going to make broccoli and leek soup tonight!
    I am off to check your blog now - always after new organic pesticides...

  3. Broccoli pasta. Add chilli and tomato and pesto if you want to have an extra kick.